Dear guests , Hotel Terra Verde - Oreshak, Troyan offers you the unique opportunity to be our guest and enjoy the first days of the new 2014 that is with us !Especially for your kids to 11.99 years, the Hotel Terra Verde offers for the period 02.01 - 10,01,2014 ,…

  • Promotions in the Summer -

    Promotions in the Summer -

    GIVE YOU AN UNFORGETTABLE SUMMER EXPERIENCE ARE WELCOME!Distinguished guests, Hotel "Terra Verde" *** Oreshak still offers special promotional offers and summer Summer 2012! Specially for you to stay longer, your gift free even lower prices with which to spend your vacation unforgettable and long overdue in the company of beautiful…



    Dear fans and guests of the complex Terra Verde * * * Oreshak to make your vacation even more emotional and enjoyable, every Saturday night, we suggest you dive into the night our challenge, namely NIGHT WITH A BATHING water slide water temperature of 28 degrees!Treat yourself to an unforgettable…

  • Coming soon!

    Coming soon!

    Dear guests, expect our new proposals for holiday in development on us!Free use of sauna razcheri 6 m2 for 8 people, and to her room to relax!

  • Ochakvaĭte skoro!

    Ochakvaĭte skoro!

    Dear guests, expect our new proposals for holiday in development on us!Free use of the relaxation room in 3D dimension measuring 16 square meters!Immerse yourself in various colors and scents that will lead you to true relaxation of the body!

  • Фитнес зала! Очаквайте скоро!

    Фитнес зала! Очаквайте скоро!

    Dear guests, expect our new proposals for holiday in development on us!Free use of fintes appliances exclusively for guests!

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    Iskra Dimitrova staying on 20/09/2012 Thank you! :)I want to express my gratitude to the owner of the villa, Zhivka and Ivan. Villa in Terra Verde in September made her wedding ni.Krasota, peace, comfort, no words to describe the situation of the villa, which helped us through the magic of…



    Dear Colleagues, Hotel Terra Verde *** Oreshak, Troyan, produces programs for visits to cultural sites in the towns of Troyan, Lovech, Pleven, Republic, Apriltsi, Gabrovo, Veliko Tarnovo and resort Beklemeto. The hotel has a professional GLI which is offered free as a guide your guests and your operators using the…

  • Gift voucher

    Gift voucher

    Surprise your loved ones, relatives, friends, relatives and colleagues to offer unusual gift as a present to their unforgettable experience in the Troyan Balkan, namely in the hotel "Terra Verde". Gift certificates are the perfect solution to the alternative of a long search for a suitable gift. With this voucher…

  • Transfer


    Hotel Terra Verde * * * Oreshak offers transfers to and from anywhere in the country Prices are in lev one way and include on the road:   - Mineral water  - Soft drinks  - Stops at gas stations for rest and purchases of a personal nature Do not hesitate…