Iskra Dimitrova staying on 20/09/2012

Thank you! :)
I want to express my gratitude to the owner of the villa, Zhivka and Ivan. Villa in Terra Verde in September made her wedding ni.Krasota, peace, comfort, no words to describe the situation of the villa, which helped us through the magic of the sunniest days of our lives, her wedding is so ni.Vsichko tidy, fresh, garden, flowers, rooms so good, everything!

Who wants a holiday in a friendly atmosphere with hospitable hosts, please Terra Verde is your place!

Once again thank Rusanov family to support and help you have done for us! Thank you!

Iskra Dimitrova


Kalin Lazarov on 07/25/2011

Amazing holiday
I want to thank Mr. Rusanov and his wife did stay on my amazing family detached from everything for two wonderful days with you at all was as a thank you for our wonderful tavern preporachahte.Pri soon as we are back to you.If need of rest and relaxation nepremeno visit Villa Terra Verde


Daniela Yordanova staying on 14/05/2012

Awesome earn. The hosts are very gotini.Usloviyata are wonderful. Everything is new and clean. I will definitely visit them.


July and Bob from Stara Zagora - stayed in August 2012

A wonderful holiday
Hello, I want to share mine and my wife's incredible impressions of Terra Verde villa. It really is a paradise, great done, thought of everything and allowing for a wonderful holiday and get in my family. Admiration and congratulations for Zhivka and Ivan :) For many years, the first time we were able to break away from our having any problems use there :) see you again :)

Best wishes with wishes for many kasmet, success and health :)

July and Bob

Stara Zagora


July 2011 to 1-3 days a young couple

I'm very happy with the villa "Teraverde." Great atmosphere, very clean and simple uyutno.Obzavedeno but vkus.Tova place for real pochivka.Horata have tried to provide all facilities to the guests si.Napravo letting go of reality was there two days, and I feel like I rested for two godini.Absolyutna krasota.Preporachvam to all who need to visit a real vacation vilata.Shte fascinated by men.Pozhelavam successful owners and have many customers.


Georgi Shopov staying on 04/08/2011

A truly enchanting and magical place, a paradise in the mountains, we are a young family we had and we will be pleased to be there often pati.otsenka excellent beautiful flowers waterfall fairy lights at night at all facilities throughout the villa offering a young family deserves be seen by more people and let this villa to serve as an example to others rather than traditional cottages pritupani so as to take our money without usloveya and convenience mostly surrounded by such prikaznost.
Good luck to the host family.
Excellent 6